Magnetix Jewellery

Regis Holistic and Beauty are proud to be stockists of Magnetix Wellness Jewellery and Accessories.

Magnetix Jewellery combines sleek and elegant jewellery with the benefits of magnetic therapy. Magnetix products can help us all, including our beloved pets. By wearing our beautiful items you are able to increase your circulation, which then helps to ease aches, pains, arthritis, vertigo, insomnia, cramps, back pain, soft tissue rheumatism, joint pain, anxiety and so much more. Most of our pieces are made from high grade stainless steel and many also contain copper which is highly valued for its antibacterial properties. Magnetix products only use neodymium magnets with at least 1,200 gauss. They are among the strongest and most durable magnets in the world.

To view any items or catalogues or for any further advice please contact Sarah.  Details are on the 'Contact' tab.