Hot Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shells are a revolutionary new massage treatment using the worlds first self-heating massage tools (tiger clam shells from the Philippines).  While the warmth helps melt away aches and pains and relaxes fascial tissue, the ergonomic design of the shell enables the therapist to work naturally with the body's muscles to release tension, stiffness and knots.  The Lava Shell Tummy Treatment is a deep massage and is ideal for anyone suffering from I.B.S. and bloating.  The functioning of the digestive system is improved and the treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Hot Lava Shell Tummy Treatment (30min):            £30.00
Hot Lava Shell Back, Neck and Shoulder (30min): £35.00
Hot Lava Shell Full Body Relax Massage (1hr):     £49.00